Anti-wrinkle Treatments

MenThe motivation behind seeking anti-wrinkle treatment varies between individuals.

The most commonly treated area in men is the frown lines between the eyes. If these lines are deep, they can cause a person to look stressed and angry even when their expression is neutral. Removing these lines can give a person a more ‘approachable’ appearance, which can be a career advantage for many men. Male clients simply want to look natural and refreshed, but don’t want their colleagues to know about it. They want short treatments with little downtime that can quickly treat the problem areas without compromising their masculine looks.

The procedure is carried out in exactly the same way as for a woman although the application of the product will be different. A man will need a larger dose due to having a bulkier musculature, particularly if the frontal portion is to be treated. Special care is taken around the brow area to avoid the arched “startled” look which can occur. Another sensitive spot is around the crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes. It is easy to create a “wide eyed” look which can be too feminine in a man. As a larger dose is required to achieve the desired effect this may slightly increase the cost of treatment.