“I have been having botox injections at Jolique for approximately eighteen months. My experiences have surpassed my expectations at each and every contact. Clinical staff are knowledgeable, compassionate and thorough. My treatments have been tailored to my specific needs and requirements, which are established during initial, and ongoing, consultations. The environment is scrupulously clean, friendly and welcoming. Administrative staff are approachable, courteous and efficient. They ensure patients are able to access the clinical staff at a time that suits them, and will reliably liaise between patients and clinical staff if there are any queries. In short, I am delighted with my experiences of having botox injections, particularly the results, which, although fabulous, are subtle enough to be a discreet secret.”

Suzy Humphreys

“Under eye treatment was like a gift from heaven (with refreshed eyes) and instant results. For the first time in years i looked like i had actually slept a few times during the last ten years , always nice!”

Jane Walker

“I’ve always suffered with excessive sweating since my teenage years. I would feel cold and have goose-pimples on my arms but still sweat from under my arms. I felt incredibly self-conscious and I would struggle choosing what I could ‘get away’ with wearing without having large wet patches under my arms.

Heidi spoke to me in depth about the treatment and what it would involve and expected results. She did explain that the longevity of the treatment did vary from person to person so this was something we just had to try and see how long it would last for me.

Heidi had to draw a grid on my arms and then administered even amounts of the Botox into each section. I didn’t hurt per say but you could feel the slight prick of the needle going in.

Only two days later I was out in a hot stadium and noticed immediately the lack of sweat under my arms. The treatment had pretty much taken instantly. I had the treatment done at the end of June and three months I am still sweat free.

I would defiantly recommend the treatment as it’s made such a different to my own confidence and not having to worry about what I wear and lifting my arms up.”